Engineering Services

Engineered Combustion Systems offers the following engineering services to manufacturer, set-up and monitor your combustion systems:

AutoCAD Drawings

To ensure customer satisfaction and to aide in a successful project, engineered drawings are provided with every ECS fabricated pipe system, burner and actuator box. This allows our customer’s to review and approve the layout prior to fabrication.

Equipment Field Start-Up

Engineered Combustion Systems has qualified field service engineers that are available for field start-up or adjustment of any system that we fabricate.

Installation Supervision

Field service personnel work with installing contractors to ensure that combustion systems are properly installed in the customer’s facility or end user’s location.

Safety Audits/Inspections

Field service engineers perform on-site inspections to verify proper system operation and develop a plan of correction where required. Safety audits are required by many large manufacturers and insurance carriers to verify that gas safety devices are functioning as designed. A comprehensive audit is performed and a report is generating outlining any potential issues or deficiencies.


Engineered Combustion Systems develops and performs training courses for all levels of personnel including operators, maintenance and engineering. Each course is tailored to the specific group being taught and the equipment being utilized at the facility.