Packaged Products

Gas Trains
Custom fabricated natural gas, propane and landfill gas supply trains to meet NFPA, FM Global, AON, GE GAP (IRI) and CSA requirements. Welded and threaded construction available from ¾” to 3”. All gas trains are custom designed to meet the customer’s heat input and application requirements. Gas trains feature manual shutoff, automatic shutoff, pressure switches, control valves, pressure regulators and pilot lines. Component selection is based on the specific application and code requirements.

Heat Exchangers

  • Exothermics manufacturers a complete line of air to air heat exchangers including cross flow, dimple plate, ER heater, Sinusoidal and RHT.
  • Harbridge Systems designs and manufactures custom heat exchangers for air systems including: Indirect industrial ovens, process air heating, heat recovery and make-up air. Harbridge custom designs tubular and plate type heat exchangers to meet custom performance and size requirements. The ability to adjust the heat exchanger design makes Harbridge Systems ideal for both new installations and retrofit jobs.

Pressure Reducing Stations
Main gas pressure reducing stations for entire plant gas supply or individual system supply to reduce high incoming pressure to a lower pressure range. Typically used in order to be able to utilize vent-less pressure regulators with a maximum of 7 psi inlet pressure on systems with multiple gas trains.

Gas Metering Stations
Main gas or individual system metering stations to verify gas consumption. Gas metering stations feature manual or automatic shutoff valves and meter bypass piping for maintenance requirements.

Block and Bleed Systems
Manual block and bleed systems for gas piping maintenance feature a 3 valve block and vent arrangement to safety dissipate gas pressure.         

Hot and Chilled Water Coil Trains
Welded or threaded coil supply and return piping trains are designed to meet each applications flow and pressure requirements. These trains integrate a variety of manual and automatic control devices to ensure accurate temperature control.

Humidifier Supply Trains
PVC and CPVC supply trains for evaporative humidifiers. Trains supply the proper volume of water to the humidifier media. Humidifier supply trains integrate shutoff valves (manual and automatic), flow regulators and flow meters.

Hydraulic/Pneumatic Actuator Boxes
Two position actuator boxes for RTO inlet, outlet, purge and bypass valves. Boxes feature pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders, speed controls and limit switches.

Steam Supply Trains and Condensate Return Piping
Welded and threaded schedule 80 steam supply trains feature manual shutoff, automatic shutoff, pressure control and flow control valves. Train design and components are based on the application and code requirements.