Combustion Equipment Product Lines

Our parts department also carries several combustion components not listed below. Please call for additional line information at (248) 549-1703


Burners, Automatic Gas Shutoff Valves, Smartlink Fuel/Air Ratio Control, Smartlink Meters and Custom Engineered Solutions


Burners, Control Valves, Exothermics Heat Exchangers and Custom Engineered Solutions

Automatic Gas Shutoff Valves,  Pressure Switches and Pressure Regulators

Honeywell Thermal Solutions

  • Hauck
  • Honeywell Combustion Service
  • Honeywell Combustion Safety

Honeywell Process Measurement and Control

  • Process Instrumentation
  • Field Instrumentation
  • Gas Control Products


Automatic Shutoff Valves, Valve Proving Systems, Pressure Switches, Pressure Regulators and Custom Engineered Solutions

Tubular Heat Exchangers, Plate Type Heat Exchangers and Custom Engineered Solutions